Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

As we are approaching the holiday season, my awareness is turning to thoughts of gratitude. The Thanksgiving holiday is a great day to get clear on what you are grateful for and to ‘give thanks’ for the blessings in your life. When we acknowledge the blessings in our life; our joys, our comforts and all the things that make our spirits sing, we are in effect saying ‘yes’ to our lifes experience and sending a message to the universe that we are in alignment & agreement with experiencing more blessings. Our spiritual vibration is elevated when we align with high vibrational energies such as gratitude, which opens us up to step more fully into our spiritual essence & being. When we are in open alignment with our spirits, we gain insights & inspirations that with bring enhancement to life when we choose to act on them. Thus bringing more of a sense of meaning, purpose and enthusiasm to our path.

A great activity for your family this Thanksgiving would be to gather in a circle, holding hands to cultivate a united connection and then take turns going around the circle having each person state a few things that they are grateful for. I think this would be best done before the holiday meal so that all of that high vibrational energy of gratitude can bless everyone and meal before eating it. Then observe how the quality of energy shifts among the people you are sharing the holiday with. I think you we be delightfully surprised at how setting your attention on Gratitude can create such a significant energetic shift within you and your loved ones!

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