About Carrie

Carrie Konyha – Psychic, Spiritual Guide & Coach 

30+ years of experience as a professional psychic reader, spiritual guide, shamanic healing practitioner, transformation success coach and relationship coach.  Carrie is also a certified yoga instructor (e-ryt200) and certified Yoga Alliance continuing education provider (yacep).
“Being born gifted with the ability to naturally sense & experience the world of energy & spirit, my dedication to my path of awakening began as a young child. I have studied with many master spiritual teachers throughout my life, spanning many spiritual philosophies and traditions including the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, Deepak Chopra, Paramahansa Yogananda, Greg Braden, Ted Andrews, Hamza Yusuf, Ihsan Torabi and many others.  I have an Associates Degree in Metaphysical Arts & Sciences and decades of specialized training in the areas of spiritual development, intuitive development, meditation, shamanic healing therapies & yogic philosophy. I brings a lifetime of personal experience as a spiritual devotee & a wellspring of universal spiritual teachings to each session I facilitate”.

“My life path is connected to empowering others to embody their fully healed, fully awakened, pure soul essence & life path potential. I leverage my spiritual gifts & heart wisdom to facilitate empowered transformation & to activate the awakening of consciousness in those who are guided to connect with me”.


“Im a natural born extra sensory who has have doing psychic readings and soul centered life coaching professionally since 1986. I receive psychic insight in the form of inward images, senses, sounds, sensations and  awarenesses.
I have always been this way and have no ideas what it would be like to not have these extrasensory sensitivities.  Ive done literately many thousands of psychic readings over the past 30 years or so and have become an expert in reading peoples energy fields. I  provide psychic insight & spiritual guidance to my clients based on what I see in their energy field and thru that which is transmites to me from the etheric realms of divine presence.
I also read tarot cards & use tools such as numerology and dream interpretation. I speicalise in teaching tools and practices for inner development and the awakening of consciousness.

Sessions with me are available globally via phone, Skype , FaceTime or in person for visitors to Sedona, AZ. For more info on psychic readings with me, see the psychic readings page. to make appointments, see the appointments page.

Having a strong interest in metaphysical education & spiritual development, I have studied with many leading transformational & spiritual wisdom teachers over the past 30 years. I spent much of my early career learning, experimenting, researching & developing the curriculum’s for my psychic & spiritual development programs that I have now been teaching since 1994.  Many of my early students have gone on to become professional light workers themselves.

By the late 1990’s I was producing my own Holistic Expos in the greater Cleveland area of Ohio (my home town) and was serving as the resident psychic for popular North East Ohio radio station WNIR while also hosting my own Television show, “Psychic Advice”.  My weekly radio appearances and TV show were great successes and aired weekly for nearly 3 years before I relocated to Arizona in 2003. Today I live in Sedona AZ where I work with a global clientele, with people from all walks of life.  I offer customized spiritual retreats & training programs in intuitive & spiritual development based on the services I offer & classes I teach. Check out the services and retreats pages for details

“Having an extensive background in yoga & dance, I also specialize in teaching yogic philosophy for spiritually centered living & meditative yoga/dance practices as a holistic medium for spiritual path-working, healing, and personal empowerment. My current projects include writing books on psychic & spiritual development and on meditative, yogic  dance practices”.

I am available for sessions in person/phone/skype/facetime & Consciousness Activation Intensives everywhere . Contact Carrie