Session Offerings

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The sessions I offer can be scheduled as individual sessions or combined into multiple hour programs for a personal experience customized uniquely for you. Popular options are day long and weekend retreat immersions. Contact me to discuss your interests and together we can design a program made just for you! 

Individual Sessions in person with me in Sedona happen at my healing center in Uptown Sedona and by phone or Video Chat for via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime/Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp for national/international clients.

Hourly rates are based on $150/hr. Sessions longer and shorter than an hour are prorated. Discounts are offered for multiple hours of session booked.

Psychic Reading/ Spiritual Insight/Soul Guidance Session
1 hr session | $150
Psychic insight readings are a powerful modality for facilitating deep clarity, personal healing and spiritual awakening! Receive enlightening insight & guidance regarding your present life situations, energetic vibration & how your energy is influencing your daily life.  Also gain insight into your unique gifts & life purpose. Within your private session with me, I will psychically read your personal energy field, access higher guidance from your higher self, spirit guides, provide spiritual insight & give you an in-depth tarot card reading providing you with well rounded, specific insight & guidance relating to all areas of life & share insights as to your next best steps regarding the best ways to get back on track with manifesting your preferred reality!

Akashic Therapy
1.5 hrs | $222
Akash or Akasha is a Sanskrit term meaning sky, space or ether. Every indigenous culture around the world has an understanding of space or ether as a substance or carrier element in which vibration passes through. This is known as the ‘Akashic Field” Eastern philosophies teach that the essence of all possible knowledge & information is imprinted into this space and this is what is called the ‘Akashic Records’. In this session I guided meditation journey into your own personal Akashic Records which enables you to gain a direct knowing of your souls experience throughout eternity, based on your specific inquiries – past, present & future. Together we explore the insights, symbols and awareness that came to you and thru transformational coaching modalities we integrate your experience, resulting in profound spiritual insight, healing and a return to wholeness that leads to true and lasting personal empowerment.

Empaths Guide to Empowerment
1.5 hrs | $222

Do you find yourself to be sensitive to and effected by the energies of your environment and other people? If so then it’s likely that you are an Empath. Being energetically sensitive can sometimes feel like a handicap but this is only because we are not typically taught how to harness the power of energy awareness as a gift and strength that we can utilize as a catalyst for self growth, spiritual awakening and empowerment tool for navigating forward in life. This session guides you through many tools and practices to life vibrantly as an empath! Learn to trust your instincts, discern the difference between your own energy and what you are picking up from others, and what to do when you do pick up on others energies. Gain insights on how to feel confident in speaking your truth, valuing your needs, honoring your personal preferences and so much more. 

Shamanic Soul Recovery with Shadow work
2 hrs | $288
This session guides you through processes for healing core emotional wounds and traumas with shamanic shadow work modalities. Your session includes interactive discussion and experiential practices encompassing guided journeys inward, shamanic practices for releasing trauma and regaining empowerment. You will leave with a renewed connection to your soul and will be giving a variety of practices that you can continue with on your own.

Inner Child Healing
1.5 hrs | $222
Your inner child represents you true essence and soul self that we were born into the with. Its connected to your ability to to be in joy and wonder which is connected to soul qualities such as playfulness, imagination, creativity and curiosity. Often, as children we experience a variety of traumas which when left unattended, can manifest as fears, insecurities, phobias and self sabotaging patterns. Inner child work is a vital component to self growth because is enables us to bring healing to childhood traumas that subconsciously negatively influence us as adults.  This session guides you thru an experiential process that enables you to reconnect with and bring joyful healing your own inner child, resulting in a healthy integration with it.  

Life Transformation Success Coaching
Offered as Individual sessions or 4 week program
1hr session | $150 , 4 week program | $555 (savings of $45)
Life Transformation Success Coaching offers an integrative approach to traditional life coaching thru a blending intuitively guided life coaching techniques with integrative healing modalities, personal growth processes, psychic insight and spiritual development tools to support your personal journey in healing thru transformational life transitions and changes. Harness the power of transformation to successfully achieve your goals.

  • Align your path with your souls purpose
  • Clear away blocks to success as you define clear intentions
  • Connect with your Souls wisdom with certainty and confidence
  • Gain tools and support positive life transformation
  • Achieve your goals and dreams

Live Your Best Life! Life Empowerment Coaching Program
(4-week  program)
$555 | 4 one hour sessions
1hr sessions via phone/video chat/in person once weekly with email/text support.  Rooted in yogic philosophies & practices for healthy wellness, this 4 week coaching program  begin by assessing the quality of holism (holistic wellness/balance) in your  life, guides you thru processes to get clear on your healthy wellness goals and establishes a clear action plan for you to accomplish your goals. This program starts with a 1 hr assessment & goal setting session with follow up sessions that coach you thru healthy living practices that support the achieve your wellness goals. Each session includes a follow up email highlighting what we discussed during the session and the outline of the action plan $444 | 4  one hour sessions.

Relationship Success Coaching (4 week program)
$555 | 4 one hour sessions
Are you single and ready to manifest your soul mate, or are you ready to  revitalize the relationship you are in? This is the coaching program for you! Rooted in psycho-spiritual principles for healthy relationship dynamics and the ‘Law or Attraction’, this program utilizes your relationship goals and intentions as the foundations for getting you on track with manifesting your relationship goals and experiencing the relationship of your dreams. Suitable for singles and couples. 

Meditation Training (instruction & experience)
1.5 hr | $222
Meditation is the starting point in all spiritual growth and personal development work. In our ‘learning to meditate’ session, we begin by discussing your interests, goals & questions about mediation to set the parameters & intention for personalized instruction & guided meditation journey. During out time together we will explore and experience a variety of meditation techniques, then near the end of the session, we will formulate an action plan for you to continue developing your mediation practice on your own. (This session can be done in my home office or out on the land or thru skype video call)

Intuitive Awakening & Psychic Development
2 hrs | $288
Discover and experience a variety of techniques that support the awakening of higher consciousness. Learn to connect with your intuitive senses thru meditation. Also learn about dream interpretation & connecting with spirit guides.   Instruction encompasses meditation, developing the psychic senses, spiritual development teachings inspired by yoga philosophy, European shamanism & toltec wisdom teachings. I also offer teachings in energy anatomy (chakras/auras), energy healing techniques & practices, the art of psychic psychic reading and the art of reading the Tarot.  We will also formulate an action plan for furthering your intuitive development on your own.  Follow-up training & coaching sessions offered.

New Paradigm Shift
1.5 hrs | $222
Upgrade your beliefs and transform your life! This is one of my favorite transformative coaching sessions. In this 1.5hr session I guide clients thru 4 specific techniques proven to transform whatever subconscious beliefs have been sabotaging your happiness & your ability to manifest your goals & dreams. Come away with step by step practices that you will have forever to uses as a tool to activate positive transformation.

Pranic Breathing  Revitalization 
1.5 hrs | $222
Breath & life are inseparable. Our breathing habits influence our quality of health & vitality. This integrative healing session teaches traditional yogic breathing techniques to invigorate the body with life force energy (know as Prana), clear the mind, release stress in the body, and induce tranquil states of being in the mind, emotions & body. This practice is a must for all spiritual seekers.

Shamanic Journey
1.5hrs |$222
The shamanic journey is a powerful practice for gaining spiritual insight,  healing and guidance. Its thru the shamanic journey experience that you can meet your power animal, connect with spirit guides and awaken to your own inner wisdom. In this shamanic healing session, You will be guided thru a traditional shamanic journey utilizing conscious connecting breathing, sound and drumming to bring you into a dreamlike state of being as you journey into the shamanic non-ordinary reality to meet and gain insight, healing, wisdom from your power animal or spirit guides and come away with profound insight and a renewed feeling of empowered reconnection to self, nature and the cosmos. 

Shamanic Breathwork Journey
2 hrs | $288
a profoundly transformative shamanic healing therapy using ancient breathwork techniques known to facilitate the release of trauma in the body – clearing the mind, emotions and body of discordant energy, bringing renewed wellbeing, healthfullness, insight & clarity. This session starts with an introduction to shamanic breathwork and teaching of the breath techniques used. We then move into intention session for the session, do a ceremonial cleansing of the energy body using sacred herbs used for cleansing such at sage or palo santo, and then move into the core healing aspect of the session with time to process, integrate afterwards.

Shamanic cord cutting & reconnection with self
2 hr | $288
This session facilitates deep & lasting healing & reunion with your fully empowered self as you are guided to a journey back to the roots of your pure, original connection with your self & the divine, healing any and all wounds and reclaiming your wholeness along the way.   

This healing session clears your energy of toxic connections to others as it enables you to reclaim and reconnect with your magnificent, empowered self, experiencing deep and lasting wholeness, & wellness.

Energy Awareness & healthy boundary setting
1.5 hr | $222
Feeling last on the list in your own life?? Exhausting yourself giving to others to the detriment of your own well-being? No more repressing your own needs & desires! This session teaches self empowering techniques for managing your own energy field that enable you establish & maintain healthy boundaries with others while maintaining vibrancy of your own energy.  Reclaim your right for your life to be rooted in your own priorities. Learn to recognize when a boundary is being overstepped &  how to remedy the situation in positive, affirming ways.

Empowerment Practices for Inner Development
1.5 hr | $222
For those embracing the inner journey of personal development & spiritual awakening. This session begins with a discussion regarding your goals, intentions and questions you  have regarding your inner processes of awakening & development. From there I guide you through instruction on how to work with traditional tools & processes used for  personal development.  Together we formulate a clear plan regarding your next best steps on your journey that you can begin working with right away.

Guided Yoga Journey
1.5 hr | $222
2 hrs private training session $297
Experience a private guided Hatha yoga practice with a focus on pranayama (yogic breath work), energy awareness & meditation.  Im a certified Hatha yoga instructor, registered with the Yoga Alliance. Yoga sessions can be at my studio or out on the land.

Chakra Renewal (1hr)
1 hr | $150
Chakra is the Sanskrit word used to describe the energy centers in our etheric  body that regulate the flow of life force energy through the physical & energy bodies. The health of our energy bodies influences the health of our physical body, mind & emotions. Many things such as stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, negative thinking & feeling can have an unhealthy impact on our energy system.  Chakra renewal sessions restore balance to the energy body thru the use of vibrational therapies such as reiki, sound therapy & aromatherapy.

Sedona Land Journey (currently not offered due to national forest closure)
2 hrs $288
Experience the spiritual energy & healing powers of Sedona – connect with the earth, unite with nature as you set personal intentions & learn to harness the gifts of the elements to manifest them.  Receive guidance from animal messengers along the way as we journey to ancient sacred places in Sedona not offered by commercial tour companies.

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