Decoding Intuition : Empower the Language of Your Soul
8 week course
Starts Sept 2021

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$444 Live Streaming Video Course 
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Intuition Is The Language Of The Soul

Master intuition with globally renowned psychic soul guide and healing practitioner, Carrie Konyha. Manifest positive life transformation and soulful living. Gain expert training to prepare for a career in healing arts or deepen the scope of your current practice.

In this 8-week transformative immersion, you will be guided thru the fundamental skills you need to cultivate proficiencies in strengthening mastery of the language of your soul. Manifest positive life transformation, achieve empowered, soulful living and learn to thrive in life as an Empath.

” This immersive training is a must for everyone on a path of spiritual awakening, healing, empowerment and for those who are preparing for a
career in healing arts.” – Carrie Konyha


Are you an empath on a journey of spiritual awakening, healing and empowerment?
This course offers all the answers, insights and guidance you’ve been looking for and will open up the pathways to vibrant living in alignment with your deepest soul gifts and truest soul path.

Are you preparing for a career in healing arts or are you ready to deepen the scope of your existing healing arts practice?
Carrie has been training professional psychics and healing arts practitioners since 1996! Thats 25 years and counting! Its her burning passion to support you in becoming the best healing practitioner you can be! This course prepares you for Carries courses in “Mastering The Art Of Psychic Reading” course, “Healing Tools for Intuitive Practitioners” course and her “Intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner” Certification .

Can’t make it Live?
No worries, each class will be accessible via download or streaming after each live class so you never have to miss anything. Class materials for all 8 modules will be available for download as well.