Master Your Intuition Online Course

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Master your intuition with globally renowned psychic soul guide and healing practitioner, Carrie Konyha

Intuition Is The Language Of The Soul

Empower the language of your soul!
Manifest positive life transformation and soulful living!

This course teaches you to identify how your soul speaks to you thru the psychic senses as you are guided thru proven techniques and practices to sharpen your
psychic senses.

” This immersive training is a must for everyone on a path of spiritual awakening, healing, empowerment and for those who are preparing for a career in healing arts.”

Carrie Konyha

What You Will Discover In These 8 Weeks

In this 8-week transformative immersion, you will be guided thru the fundamental skills you need to cultivate proficiencies in strengthening mastery of the language of your soul. Manifest positive life transformation, achieve empowered, soulful living and learn to thrive in life as an Empath.

Are you an awakening soul or an empath on a journey of spiritual awakening, healing and empowerment?
This guides you thru everything you need to gain empowerment and confidence in your intuitive intelligence and will open up the pathways to vibrant living in alignment with your deepest soul gifts and truest soul path.

Are you preparing for a career in healing arts or are you ready to deepen the scope of your existing healing arts practice?
Carrie has been training professional psychics and healing arts practitioners since 1996! Thats nearly 3 decades! Its her burning passion to support you in becoming the best healing practitioner you can be! This course prepares you for Carries courses in “Mastering The Art Of Psychic Reading” course, “Healing Tools for Intuitive Practitioners” course and her “Intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner” Certification .

On-Demand Video Streaming
This 8-week master course features 8 pre-recorded modules (77 lessons total) including 7.5 hours of video lessons, guided audio meditations/practices, downloadable learning support files, suggested homework assignments and access to my private community where you can connect and interact with other students taking the course. Students have unlimited access to all course content for 1 year after beginning the course. You can even purchase live Q&A calls with me to answer your questions

Week 1 (16 lessons)
Discover the 6 pathways of intuition and how it speaks to you. Gain tools needed to start clarifying and strengthening intuition right away. Learn access the gifts and navigate the challenges of the psychic senses. Gain insights thru dynamic group exercises and discussions guided by Carries teachings.

Week 2 (8 lessons)
Introduction to ‘Clairsentience” – Discover the world of psychic sensing/feeling as we activate the reception area for clairsentience and explore the similarities and difference between being empathic and intuitive sensing/feeling. in this lesson we also learn about Psychometry and how to practice it. come away with clear cut homework recommendations to support your development

Week 3 (13 lessons)
Clairvoyance + Psychic Seeing – Get acquainted with how you uniquely receive intuitive information thru inner visions. Learn about the Universal language of symbolism, the vibrational qualities of color and how to see subtle energy clairvoyantly. Experience Pineal Gland activation techniques and several developmental practices to hone your clairvoyant abilities

Week 4 (13 lessons)
Clairaudience and Channeling – unlock the power of clairaudience, telepathy and learn how to channel guidance from your own higher self and spirit guides. Learn about the Akashic Records and how to access your own with the support of your guides. Learn the similarities and differences between channeling and mediumship and work with the suggested homework assignments to hone your skills

Week 5 (8 lessons)
Claircognizance and Silent Knowledge – Unlock the pure potential of the “Cave of Brahma” located in the center of the brain as we explore and discover intuitive knowing and silent knowledge. Be guided thru several spiritual awareness gaining practices to strengthen and support spiritual growth and awakening as you hone your skills in claircognizance.

Week 6 (10 lessons)
Energy Anatomy, sensing and interpreting subtle energy – this is where we learn all about the chakra, the aura, how energy flows and how to intuitively/psychically read subtle energy using any or all of the modalities of the intuitive senses we have already explored in previous modules. Also learn practices for managing your personal energy and raising your vibrational frequency.

Week 7 (4 lessons)
Mastering Awareness and Empowering Your inner Shaman – this is where everything we have learned all comes together in unified flow that supports us in harnessing the power of our intuition to support our soul growth, spiritual development, awakening of consciousness, enabling a foundation for next steps in personal development and/or foundations for professional growth within the various fields of energy healing practitioners

Week 8 (4 lessons)
This very last module gives you suggestions on next steps for personal development, continued learning thru EarthWisdom School and offers a space for you to contribute feedback about your experience with the course.

Heres What You’ll Receive

  • 77 pre-recorded, on-demand lessons
  • Live Q&A calls to answer your questions (available as an ad-on option)
  • Unlimited Access to all course content for 1 year after course registration
  • Unlimited Access to all downloadable supportive materials
  • Interactive exercises and additional recommended homework for each module
  • Private Online community to interact with others in the program
  • Achieve the foundation training needed for higher development
  • Qualify for Carries “Mastering the Art of Psychic Reading” Course
  • Qualify for Carries “Healing Tools for Intuitive Practitioners” Course

Take Advantage Of This Opportunity

Completion of this course fulfills the prerequisite requirements for Carries higher level “Mastering The Art Of Psychic Reading” course, “Healing Tools for Intuitive Practitioners” course and her “Intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner” Certification. Check out details on our New Online Learning Platform Here

3 payments of $111 or 1 payment of $333

About Carrie Konyha

Born with natural gifts in extra sensory perception and a commitment to spiritual growth, Globally -renowned psychic soul guide and healing practitioner, Carrie Konyha has been training professional psychics and healers in the intuitive arts for 25 years. For the past 2 decades she has been leading group classes and spiritual growth retreats in Sedona Arizona, where she resides.

Serving as a core retreat facilitator for both of Sedona’s premier Spiritual Retreat companies, SpiritQuest and Sedona Soul Adventures, Carrie is widely recognized as a deeply insightful, compassionate and empowering soul guide.

With all of the changes happening in the world this past year, Carrie is now offering her trainings online, making her teachings available globally as a contribution to supporting the global spiritual awakening thats happening now.

Heres what Students Say about Carries Course


Carrie is a gifted, compassionate and generous teacher. Her intuition class has definitely given me a very solid foundational knowledge on what intuition is and how it works, both in general and how it manifests for me personally. I am also equipped with plenty of exercises to continue my practice and additional resources to dive into. I knew very little about the topics we covered in class, and I am finding myself consistently referring to Carrie’s teachings as my barometer when I come across other similar information – which to me says that her teachings “feel” right. The biggest bonus has been an increased trust in myself and feeling more “attuned” to who I am, both as an individual and as someone who has access to the information available through our psychic senses. I cannot recommend Carrie’s teachings enough! ~France