Ted Andrews returns home to Great Spirit

I got a phone message from a friend of mine today letting me know that a dear friend and teacher of mine has transitioned into the afterlife, returning home to great spirit. My friend Ted Andrews was a world famous author, publishing more that 30 innovative books on various topics of spirituality & metaphysics. He is probably most known for his love for and work with animals, often volunteering at animal rehabilitation centers & offering teachings to the wold regarding totem animals & the sacred teachings that animals bring us. Ted passed away on October 24th, 2009 from complications due to cancer.

I first met Ted in 1994 at a lecture he was doing in N. E. Ohio. Ted was originally from Southern Ohio andted andrews often offered workshops in the area. He became one of my teachers in various aspects of psychic development. I studied with him off and on in Ohio for several years until he moved to Tennessee. He was not only my teacher but also a dear friend of mine. We have remained friends for the past 15 years . His teachings have been profoundly influential to my own work & path. His presence, knowledge, gift for writing and story telling has profoundly influenced countless people & organizations throughout the world. He has greatly contributed to the upliftment & increased awareness of the world of spirituality and metaphysics in general. His generosity with sharing esoteric knowledge with the world has brought many people together and has created accessibility, unity & community within a subculture that was once considered obscure. His presence in the physical world will be deeply missed. Be sure to light a candle for him, sending him light on his journey home to spirit.

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  1. Ernie Guindon says:

    Hi Carrie —
    Wow, thanks for posting the report about Ted Andres. About a week ago I had dug out Ted’s Animal Spirits book and left it on top of a stack of books in plain sight. Although I was looking for information, I felt a kind of missing Ted and wondered why he hadn’t been at the Universal Light Expo at Columbus — I had needed some reassurance about some aspects of psychic phenomena and communications, beyond what the “mere mortal” aspects of some of us can adequately explain or work comfortably with. Well, you have helped me with this.

    Then when I returned to my room, after working on computers at Kent awhile, the book seemed to have disappeared. Literally, I couldn’t find it in 3Dt. This gave me pause for reflection, considering Ted also had “disappeared” from 3D. Then I was reminded I had learned recently from some perspectives we are entering a zone where we will progress or pass through the equivalent of 100 years in 1 year, or rather, per year to 2012, if I heard correctly [ Michelle KarĂ©n, World Puja interview; this jives with curves I’ve seen of rate of increase in events happening simultaneously toward 2012]. Then what came to mind is learning there are expected to be quantum computers which may be thousands or millions of times faster than present, which are likely to be conscious and sentient [Dean Radin in a Conscious Media Network interview talks some of this], at which for some reason I feel a sense of relief. I’m thinking “Thanks, Ted,” and I get a glimpse of an image of him smiling. —

    Then, a day later I found the Animal Spirit book at the foot of my bunk just out of easy sight, and beside it is Virgil Armstrong’s DVD, “The Spiritual Side of UFO’s.” It was a noticeable coincidence, whether or not I had bumped them somehow so they ended up in the same place; I had looked at both the book and the DVD in the preceding week. But it did emphasize in my mind that I’ve been intending for some time to write Virgil [he lives near the Sedona area] to thank him for helping me get on my path of working out of the cobwebs and understanding the confusion; he’s the first person I heard talk of the Photon Belt, and that was also his first time of talking of it publicly in the U.S., at the expo in Columbus. [He had been talking mostly in Europe.] I have literally experienced 4D interference, and some of it relates to adverse global events. That’s partly why I need to write him also; he references negative ET interference with humans, including what happened to a large percentage of people in WWII concentration camps. This relates to Zionism, which relates to who has been on the policy board of the dept. of defense and consequently how we got into war against Iraq; and dovetails with my investigation of 9/11 — it is known the the world trade center twin towers and building 7 were brought down by expert internal demolition using military grade thermitic compounds. Meanwhile of course I am learning to be a more harmonious person so I don’t attract so much negativity. : – ) This may be more than you need for a comment, and it’s fine if you don’t include it — it’s interesting to read of the many adventures you and your friends get involved with.
    Ernie G.

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