Fall adventures


I’ve had many adventures this past 6 weeks that I look forward to sharing with you all. During the beginning of September, I visited the ancient Wupakti Indian Ruins and Sunset Crater in Northern AZ. I also visited Monument Valley , Goose Necks & Valley of the Gods all located within Navajo reservation land of N. AZ & Utah. Aside from the beautiful landscapes, I got to catch a glimpse of the Navajo reservation lifestyle. Our tour through monument valley was guided by 2 Navajo guides. They told us stories of how the first flute came into being and sang us Old Navajo songs about devoting your path to spirit. I even bought some jewelry directly from an old Navajo woman that was hand made by her.

As i write this, I am just now returning from a tour through the Navajo Nation of Arizona and Pueblo of New Mexico where I visited the ancient Indian ruins of Canyon deChelly, soaked in the Hot springs of Ojo Caliente, visited The Taos Pueblos &  a modern, self-sustainable ‘Earthship’ community in Taos New Mexico, with a final stop in Santa FE. Thanks to my amazing photographer boyfriend, I have many photos to share that capture the majestic essence of these awe inspiring places we visited. It’s all way too much for one post so I’ve decide to create individual posts recounting my experiences with each place I visited in this ‘adventure blog’ section of my website throughout the duration of the coming month. Check back for new posts throughout the coming weeks. I look forward to reading your comments.

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