Dawning of a new Era

In the many years leading up to 2012, our Sun has been approaching astronomical alignment with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. This Galactic center is thought of by the ancient Maya as the Womb of the Great Mother, the place from which life & our Galaxy sprang forth.

The alignment of the Dec 21st, 2012 solstice sun with Galactic Center commemorates the exact astronomical & astrological aspect of this Galactic alignment which occurs only once every 13,000 years. The last alignment 13,000 years ago, heralded in the Golden Age of light and involved the summer solstice sun coming into alignment with Galactic Center. The galactic alignment happening on the winter solstice in 2012 (symbolizing death & rebirth; the end of darkness & return of light) marks the dawn of a new era once again, one that signifies the return of light thus inspiring higher consciousness & heightened spiritual awareness, supporting a new wave of spiritual awake-ness for those who care to accept the invitation.

Many of us feel the call but don’t have a clear handle on the resources available to assist us. Our best step forward from here is to develop & utilize a ‘personal development tool-kit’ to facilitate our processes of transformation.

With the 2012 galactic alignment symbolizing an astrological turning point from darkness into light, we can harness these energies to assist us in processes of spiritual awakening but as the saying goes, “it’s always darkest before the light”. The metaphoric darkness of now (the remaining time period preceding the winter solstice) is prime timing for introspection & personal development work. Now is the time to tend to your inner garden; get the weeds out at the root and prepare the soil for new growth and life in years to come.  Now is the time to heal the mind, body & emotions by releasing old, stagnant energies & nourishing yourself with fresh waves of life force energy & self love.

While there are many roads to personal development & spiritual awakening, there are certain foundational skills that every human can develop for use on whatever path of awakening     is chosen. These skills will prove to be your best navigation tool in life and are inherent within you already! It is as simple as accessing and developing your natural intuitive intelligence-your psychic sense. In this day and age, learning to recognize, hear, trust and allow guidance from our inner being/intuitive self is an absolute must in processes of personal healing, transformation & spiritual awakening.

I am referring here to a level & quality of psychic awareness & attunement that enables humans to develop and access an enhanced awareness of NOW. This means that your awareness of NOW is based on information that is coming to you not only from your intellectual self but from your intuitive nature– the part of you that accesses information based on the subtle energies present in your environment & situations, thus enabling you to make the most well informed choices in life. The development of these essential skills is the focus of my “Psychic Awareness” 101 & 202 programs.

From now throughout 2012 I will be offering my “Psychic Awareness” 101 & 202 programs in Sedona, AZ. You can check my website for scheduled programs or contact me about arranging a program for your group either in Sedona or at your location.  Each training program is 8 hours of training spread out over a two day period (4 hours each day) with free time build in for self reflection, integration and such. Upcoming trainings in Sedona are as such

Psychic Awareness 101
Location: Expansive Realities, Sedona AZ
Nov 19th-20th
10am to 2pm each day
$135 per person

Psychic Awareness 202

Location: Expansive Realities,
Sedona AZ Dec 17th-18th
10am-2pm each day
$135 per person

Pre-register for both weekends for $220 (savings of $50!)

Visit https://holisticpsychic.com/?page_id=378

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