Feeling Fall

Feeling Fall ?
Hey Friends! I trust that you’ve all been having a great summer!  As for me, I’m just winding down from a fun filled summer of traveling, teaching, exploring, learning & sharing. My travels this spring/summer have taken me to California, Utah, Washington State, Nevada & various cities throughout Arizona.
While traveling & meeting new people is always exhilarating & inspiring, now that it’s Autumn it feels amazing to be relaxing at home in Sedona.  The weather here has been unusually rainy & stormy here for the past few days and I absolutely love it. Fall is here and I’m reveling in it gladly.

I love every season but autumn always feels especially good in my bones. There’s something so magical about this time of year. For me, fall has always marked a time of shifting from ‘doing’ to ‘being’. It’s within this space of being that the magic & wonder of renewal can unfold. With autumn being the time of harvest both agriculturally and vibrationally, we can now take stock in the fruits that our efforts have produced, radiate gratitude from our hearts & enjoy the results as we nestle comfortably within ourselves for a spell, allowing a space for increased inner wellness to unfurl.

The months of October & November bring with them the message to let go, to clean, to remember & to prepare for the introspective & renewing energies that come with winter. The restful energies of the fall season naturally have calming & quieting effects on the nervous system. Now is the best time of year to consciously allow inward nurturing & nourishing to occur. I encourage each of you to be aware of the inward transformation occurring within you now, allow it, nurture it and be give thanks for new growth that will come of it.  Wishing you all lots of hot chocolate & warm fires in you’re your hearts.
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