Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Clearing & organizing the energy of your home each spring creates the space for new growth.  Spring is now in full swing and being that this is the natural time of new growth, there’s no better time than now to clear old energies & clutter from your environment on both literal & energetic levels. This is what I call spiritual spring cleaning.

We are all acquainted with the concept of spring cleaning in the context of clearing our physical space but did you know that there is significant value to spring cleaning on energetic levels? When we clear literal clutter from our lives, we are also clearing energetic clutter.  Environments cluttered with old, useless belongings quickly become ‘dead space’ so to speak – an area of stagnant energies that put a damper the quality of vibrancy in our lives. When our physical space is cluttered, we also feel more cluttered on mental and emotional levels as well. And by the same token, when we are disheveled on energetic levels, it shows itself physically in the way of disorganized environments. A cluttered house does indeed reflect a cluttered mind. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel for those in need of some refreshing new energies.   The best way to return to vibrant, healthful living is to begin by literally clearing your physical space of old stagnant energies. Start by clear out all of the dark spaces in your home, dresser drawers, kitchen cupboards, closets, refrigerators and such, Give away anything that may be of use to someone else, recycle what you can and throw away the rest.

Spiritually speaking, this king of holistic spring cleaning can also include things such as tying up any loose ends, completing projects that you have been procrastinating & releasing anything that isn’t contributing to the quality of your life such as negative thoughts, feelings, judgments, resentments, toxic or abusive relationships and so forth.

Negative thoughts & feelings, unresolved situations & procrastination are a few examples of things that serve to weigh down your vibration & distract or fragment your energies. When your energy is bogged down & your mind or emotions are fragmented, your energy bodies are subdued;  your overall feeling of liveliness becomes diminished, the process of manifestation becomes more taxing and life feels like you are wading through waist high mud.

On the other hand, when we are in a space of knowing that we are up to date with our responsibilities & obligations, our environments are clear & organized and we have personally worked on releasing any self defeating thoughts, feelings, relationships etc. our vibration naturally lightens up & we return to feelings of clarity & centeredness. Life becomes a flow of effortless ease and grace because we are no longer living in the midst of energetic clutter & psychic pollution.

This spring, take on the task of clearing your space, literally and energetically. Take note of the shifts you feel within as you are bringing your clearing project into completion and revel in the liberation you experience in having created new space for new endeavors to now come in. Enjoy!

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