Awakening, healing, empowerment

Expanding Consciousness Mini Weekend Intensive in Sedona
Spiritual Awakening, Healing and Empowerment

March 17th-19th
$495 preregistration only (registration deadline Mon March 6)


14 hrs of courses & experiential practices with Carrie Konyha that support spiritual awakening, deep healing and personal empowerment

  • Expand your Consciousness
  • Amplify your intelligence field
  • Develop energy awareness
  • Activate your inner genius
  • Raise your vibrational frequency
  • Experience harmonic resonance

Friday March 17th
Welcome, orientation & Intention setting session

 Yoga with live sound healing journey
Yoga is an art and science that supports holistic inner development & union of mind/body/spirt. The practice of yoga bring deeper awareness and presence to all spiritual paths and practices. In this session Carrie is accompanied by local sound healer Valerie Irons. Together they guide participants thru a gentle yet deeply immersive yoga practice accompanied by the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs and other sacred healing instruments played live by valerie as carrie guides the yoga sequence.

Saturday March 18th
Meditation, Spiritual awakening and empowerment
Explore and define what spiritual awakening and empowerment means to you. Learn & practice meditation techniques for expanding consciousness and activating heart centered presence. fine tuning your connection to your inner knowing,  deepening your connection to yourself and cosmic consciousness.

Chakras, energy awareness & healing modalities
Here we delve into a journey thru the chakras. Learn to sense & recognize information your body transmits to you thru your energy centers. Explore self-healing techniques for clearing core wounds and returning to wholeness.

Shamanic breath work journey with live sound healing
A shamanic healing journey in a safe, supportive sacred space where you can experience a deep reconnection with yourself, access the deepest and most expansive aspects of yourself reconnect with your inner shaman. Gain profound insight, activate creativity & passion, and experience a personal rebirth/ renewal, coming away with a life transforming paradigm shifts unique to you! This shamanic breathwork journey includes healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, flutes, rattles, gongs and sacred healing instruments to facilitate deep healing and soul activation.

Sunday March 19th

Access & Amplify your intuitive intelligence field
Your intuition is your own inner honing system that’s always nudging you in the direction of your path of highest life fulfilment. Discover the significance and power of intuitive intelligence as you practice techniques for accessing your own inner psychic. Learn to recognise how your intuition speaks to you as well as how to strengthen certainty and clarity around its messages for you. This course presents intuition as a life enhancing tool of navigation. It’s the voice of the Divine within you.

Mindfulness, spiritual practice & conscious living
This last course of the program reveals additional tools and practices that support your personal growth and spiritual development thru mindfulness practices, enhancing your capacity for presence & awareness thru life’s experiences. Learn to raise your vibration, Develop gifts of Intentionality, experience harmonic resonance with the universe and become a conscious co-creator of your life.


The weekend intensive is happening at my studio in W. Sedona Participants are free to stay at any nearby hotel or airbnb of your choice.  For economical hotel in walking distance of retreat, i recommend Sugar Loaf lodge  or check out

Sedona Rouge and Hampton inn in W. Sedona are both within walking distance of the studio as well. Studio address is 2050 Yavapai DR suite 3A
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