Living in harmony with Nature

Every thing in the universe is in motion, everything in nature is rhythm and every human being is a microcosm of the universe. As the saying goes, “As above, so below” and “as within, so without”. Every thing in the universe is contained within the self. Everything within the self is projected out into the universe and reflected back in, all in divine harmony and rhythm. When we are at peace & in harmony with our selves, we comfortably and intuitively walk our path with joy. When slip into patterns of fear and doubt we throw ourselves off balance and loose our sense of harmony.  We loose touch with our own sense of connectedness to the natural realm. 

More people are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that the ever-changing rhythms of the seasons have a direct influence on our personal cycles of growth and unfolding. Falling out of step with these natural rhythms can often result in depression and a feeling of displacement, as we waste large sums of our time and energy struggling against the tide.  Through learning to harmonize our efforts with the natural flow of the seasons and the moon we experience the rewards of growing in harmony with all living things. We see that our effort produce results more efficiently and effortlessly.  The natural balance of life is experienced when we tune our whole being into the universal rhythms of nature.

Our bodies (mental, emotional, physical & spiritual) negatively react if we continually force it to ignore its natural rhythms and needs. To live a truly balanced life one must continually honor the cyclic rhythms in which our bodies are influenced by. This means listening to the promptings of the rhythms of nature, the seasons and one’s own body. Learning how to understand the indications and acclimating ones self harmoniously. Spending time in nature quickly aligns your energy with that of the natural ream. With just a little awareness it easy to hear the callings of the body, mind and soul as it travels through the wheel of yearly seasonal cycles. We are not exempt from the influence of Mother Nature just out of touch with it.

Here are some general guidelines that will help you begin to understand and integrate the energies and rhythms of the seasons into your everyday life. With observation you will find that living in harmony with the cycles of the natural realm is a wonderful tool in the quest for a holistically healthy life. Allow the keywords listed below to act as general guidelines for you to do with what you wish.

Spring – awaken, fertilize, rebirth, express, new beginnings, new life, planting new seeds, initiation. Spring is the best time to establish patterns of new energy, situations and goals in your life

Summer – Grow, ripen, refine, intend, affirm, manifest. Summer is the time to tend the garden so to speak. Water the seeds of the new and weed out choking stifling energies so that your growing ‘plant’ will yield plentiful fruit in the fall

Fall – Harvest, receive in abundance, celebrate, fullness, give thanks, honor. Fall is the time to reap the rewards of what you’ve sown. Celebrate your successes and prepare for the time of going within during the coming months.

Winter – rest, nest, retreat, heal, release. Winter is time to till the soil and prepare the growing field for new seeds planted in the coming months.

It’s a great personal development exercise to take some time to contemplate & meditate on the energies of each season on or near the times of seasonal changes (solstices & equinoxes) Setting your conscious intention to allow yourself to come into alignment with these energies is all that is needed to begin the processes of being in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of nature. In the spring, bring to mind the new goals you’de like to set in motion or bring into manifestation, in the summer, put positive energy and efforts into bringing your goals into fruition. Fall is the time to receive the fruits for your efforts so take time to epress gratitude for your blessings and the rewards that your efforts have afforded you. Winter is the time for going within, nesting, resetting your energies in preparation for the New Year to come so take this time to honor your inner processes, becoming quite and listening to your spirit. Let your spirit inspire you and be the motivating energy behind your actions.

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