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Professional psychic, spiritual guide & transformational life coach Carrie Konyha


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Psychic & Spiritual Insight Reading
Life Path & Spiritual Gifts Reading
Empowerment Tools for inner development
Emotional Integration & Renewal session
Holistic Wellness Coaching
Meditation Training
Pranic Breathing session
Accessing Intuitive Guidance
Akashic Records Integration
Cord Cutting
Creating Healthy Boundaries
Chakra Attunements
Light Body Activation
Guided Yoga journey
Healing/Releasing ceremony

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Gain clarity, insight,  guidance
& restore wellness
with Carrie Konyha 

 Psychic Insight Readings * Spiritual Guidance  *Transformational Coaching
* Holistic Wellness Caoching  *Inner Development Training


Meditation *  Intuitive Development   * Yoga * Integrative Healing Sessions  

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Combining Psychic insight with Spiritual guidance & Life Coaching!

Greetings & welcome! My name is Carrie.  I’m a professional psychic & spiritual teacher, transformational life coach & integrative healing practitioner based  in Sedona, Arizona.  I’m a natural born clairvoyant who’s  life has been dedicated  to a path of spiritual discovery, growth & awakening. I’ve been helping my clients align with & create the life of their dreams since 1986.  I offer  psychic insight readings, spiritual guidance sessions, integrative healing sessions combined with  transformational & holistic wellness life coaching. I also lead classes in meditation, intuitive development, spiritual development, yoga & personal development.  I work with people from all over the world, specializing  in working with people in transition & teaching my clients tools for living to their fullest potential. 

In all of my offerings,  I come from a space of  heart-centered integrity,  openness, truthfulness, discerning clarity without judgment.  I take a very holistic approach in working with others on mental, emotional, physical & spiritual levels.  My own sense of purpose is in assisting humans in awakening on all levels, becoming their full potentials and enjoying happy, successful lives. 

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The services I offer are intended to illuminate and support my clients  in moving forward with manifesting  fulfilling experiences of life & being.

I can look into matters of  health, wellness, relationships, career, creativity, finances , love, karma,  life’s purpose, personal/spiritual development & whatever else you might have in mind . Whether your looking to bring more meaning & purpose to your path in life, enhance relationships, energize financial affluence, optimize health & wellness, restore peace on mind or develop spiritually, my focus is on your vision.

Client Comments

“Thanks for the powerful session. It’s so amazing what you do… I feel fortunate & grateful to have you as part of my life right now”. Karen in Oregon

“Thanks again for everything Carrie! I got way more out of my session than I expected. I am sure I will be in touch again”. Blessings, Maureen

“Your reading was very helpful. It brought me into clarity & I feel more certain about my direction now. Thanks again”. Sean, NY

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Private sessions  available in person, by phone and skype.

Call (928) 282-1587 or (480)748-1671  Email carrie@holisticpsychic.com